Cape Town Density Syndicate

Cape Town is still dominated by an urban structure that reduces interaction between different ethnicities and social classes. The International New Town Institute, the African Centre for Cities and the City of Cape Town Planning Department proposed a project to study the possibilities for increasing Cape Town’s urban density.
Our strategy introduces an integrative approach for Maitland. Pilot projects are located on strategic sites that represent typical situations in Cape Town and along Voortrekker Road: Leftover spaces along transport infrastructure, over-dimensioned school yards, low densities on well accessible spots, fragmented public spaces around train stations. As such the strategy could be extended to induce a gradual transformation of Apartheid’s urban heritage into a more inclusive urban environment inside of Cape Town’s economic heartland.

Uberbau in collaboration with NL Architects
Ali Saad (partner-in-charge), Thomas Stellmach, Luka Bezjak.
Matthew Gray Architects, City of Cape Town, Urban Planning Department, Cape Town Partnership; African Centre for Cities at University of Cape Town, Greater Tygerberg
Partnership, Design Space Africa
International New Town Institute
(INTI) Almere (NL), African Centre for Cities (ACC), City of Cape Town Planning Department
Cape Town, ZA
200 ha
Selected publications
Future Cape Town (19.10.2015), Full report Maitland Atlas